Synopsis: A Contract with the Billionaire

When it comes to love, is Second chance truly the charm?*****Amelia Ross’s contract marriage with her billionaire boss came to an end when the one woman he’s been dying to have for years suddenly returned to town. Her heart got broken as she’d started developing feelings for her hot boss but knowing it was a contract marriage, she gathered the remaining pieces of her shattered heart and left town after being paid off by her boss, Ryan Davidson. Unluckily for her, she realized she was carrying his child a few months after the abrupt end of their contract. With no intentions of returning to him, she raised the baby and began a new life, from scratch. But just when things have finally begun to go well for her and she’s met a man that has healed her broken heart, Ryan stepped into her life again, laying claims to not just her, but to the child.What made it more infuriating was that he showed up with a marriage certificate, one that very much proved they were still married.

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