Synopsis: A Double Contract Love

Just like any normal girl, Annie dreamt of fairytales and happily-ever-afters. But her life went upside down overnight. She lost her home and was about to lose her family. When salvation came to her in the form of a contract, she had no choice but to sign it. Make the cold-hearted tycoon fall for her, marry him, and file for a divorce. She was devoted to her mission and thought she had everything under control.

But fate always had a way to toil with human destinies. Touched by his genuine affection, her heart began to waver. And when the contract ended, she not only left his heart shattered but also hers crumbling in despair. Three years later, they met again. He wasn’t the affectionate man anymore, he hated her to the core.

While she fought to climb up the career ladder, would he let her be in peace? This time, a contract was once again presented to her. Be my wife or lose everything you’ve ever worked for. This time, he proposed it himself. Could she say no to this man that was only after her life? And what if her heart hadn’t let go too?

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