Synopsis: A Spoonful of Sugar: Don’t Beg for Love

During childbirth, she suffered from excessive bleeding and her life was at stake. Her mother-in-law made a huge fuss outside the delivery room. “Save my precious grandchild!” She watched as her husband looked at her coldly and said to the doctor mercilessly, “Save the baby.” She was heartbroken at that very moment and swore to herself that if she could live through this, she would get a divorce!After the divorce, Hesper was surrounded by admirers and had troops of suitors following her. Rickard panicked!He scooped up the woman into his arms from her sea of suitors and pinned her against the wall. His extremely gorgeous face was tainted with regret. “Be good and listen to me. Let’s get married again tomorrow!”Hesper sneered. “Mr. Duval, I don’t love you anymore. Please have some self-respect!”

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