Synopsis: Addicted to Loving You: The Paranoid and Domineering Boss’s Convicted Wife

Ling Yiran had been sentenced to three years in prison due to the car accident that killed the fiancée of Yi Jinli, the richest man in Shen City. When released from prison, she somehow ended up catching the attention of Yi Jinli. She kneeled on the ground and begged him, “Yi Jinli, can you let me go?” But he only smiled and said, “Sister, I will never let you go.” It was said that Yi Jinli was completely indifferent to anyone and everyone, but for some reason, he did everything he could to please a sanitation worker girl who had been in prison for the past three years. However, the truth of the car accident that year had robbed her of all her love for him, and she ran away. Many years later, he begged her while on the ground, “Yiran, as long as you return by my side, I will do anything for you.” But she only stared at him coldly and said, “Then, go die.”

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