Synopsis: Age of Summoner

Only one card would change his life forever!

In the world of “Age of Summoner”, a globally popular online game, card and item trading prices ranged from high to low.

However… “Joke”, an unemployed new graduate, could not believe that the “Snowbelle White Dragon card” he accidentally got from a convenience store could be sold for 10 million baht!

Unsure whether to consider it good or bad luck, Joke soon found trouble knocking at his door. A pro player from the Thai server was determined to obtain this card, pursuing Joke relentlessly!

If it were not for the pro player’s bad attitude, he would have sold this card, but… his dignity was not something people could easily look down on!
Then, an idea popped up. What if he used it as a tool to pave the way for him as an esports pro player in the Age of Summoner game?

And so, the journey of the (soon-to-be) number-one pro player who would shake the entire esports industry had started!

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