Synopsis: Alpha Kai

Betrayed on her wedding day by her own family, then mated to the Alpha of an enemy pack, Caterina wonders if she was born under a bad moon. Terrible rumours surround Kai and his pack of bloodthirsty wolves, but as Caterina gets to know her mate better and realises that he is not the monster he is made out to be. So what exactly turned Kai into the beast he’s known as? And why does the mention of prophecies seem to anger him more and more? *** He sniffs the air, then his blue eyes meet mine and shimmered that deep crimson again. As soon as our eyes meet, I feel something similar to a string pulling taut. My core throbs with a need I have never felt before as his eyes bore into mine. My heart pounds like a drumline in my chest, so loud that I am sure he could hear it. He bares his fangs in a delicious, devious grin and walks towards me, his stare knocking the wind out of me. It takes everything in me to not go to him and throw myself at his feet in submission. What was this? Why did I feel attracted to him, even when he had just ripped a young Betas throat out? He then lifts his hand and points to me. “I’ve come to claim my mate.” His words brought me back to reality at a screeching halt.

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