Synopsis: Alpha King’s Runaway Mate

ALPHA KING ARAMIS “Open the door,” he shouted at my face, “Don’t make me get physical with you, Octavia,” he warned me angrily. “No! You have to see your daughter’s face,” I was holding our days-old daughters and requesting him to take a look at her beautiful face and change his mind. “This is not my daughter and you are not my God damn mate,” he shouted as he pulled his nose up in disgust. “Silas! How can you not look at her face and not know she is your daughter? How can you reject me and accept my sister?” I was sobbing and begging for him to hold his daughter. “Because she is my mate and you are just someone with a rouge’s blood in your system,” every word he said towards me and his daughter was going to be engraved on the walls of my heart forever. “If you walked out of this door and got engaged to my sister today, you will never see my or my daughter’s face ever again,” I warned him in tears. “Good! I would love to never see you two again,” he didn’t care and pushed me out of his way. … Hated and unwanted by her step-mother and half-sister. Octavia had a difficult life growing up. Her father has been the only one who cared for her. A night with her mate and pregnancy was all it took for her to lose all respect. Betrayed and hurt by her own mate, Octavia decided to leave with her baby and never come back. What will she do when she is forced to return to unwanted circumstances? Will Silas realize his mistake before it’s too late?

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