Synopsis: Alpha of Alphas – The Lycan’s Impossible Mate

Tall, handsome and dangerous. That is how Willow Jones would describe the Lycan King, Kane Madden. Willow is a witch who came here to investigate her aunt’s death. But her path leads to the Lycan King, and the fire ignites immediately. Kane wants to love her, but God plays a cruel game. He already has a mate. Kane vows to never mark Willow, never claim her as his mate, and in an act of sheer desperation tries to run away from her. But The Fates that weaved events to bring them together in the first place are not that easily defied, and soon Willow finds her way back into his life. “What do you want from me?”he asks. “Do you want to be my little piece on the side? Hm?–” he narrows his eyes at me –“do you want my mark? Be my hidden mate? Or do you want me to abjure my mate and take you instead?” “What? Did I say any of that? No! I mean–” “You don’t get it do you?–”he throws the plates in the sink, shattering them –“Don’t you think I want my mate? That I want to feel whole for the first time in thirteen years? If I thought we could make it work somehow, I’d mark you in a heartbeat.”

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