Synopsis: Alpha’s Second Chance

Logan The Alpha was rejected and abandoned by his mate. He carries a big secret about the heritage of his bloodline. That makes him bigger, faster, and much stronger than any other Alpha. Olivia She is on the outside looking like any other teen. But unlike other wolves, she is already trained just as hard as an experienced warrior at the age of 17. After her beautiful mother was killed by rouges, her dad swore that his daughter would never be unable to protect herself. Growing up, she caught the eye of their old Alpha, who had lost his Luna and mate on the same day she lost her mom. He wants her, and that makes her dad pack up and leave the pack together with her and her brother only a month before she turns 18 and will be able to find her mate. What will happen when they come to her mother’s old pack and Alpha Logan senses that she is his second chance mate when they enter his territory. Could she be what he needs to fully move on from losing his first mate? What does it mean her birthday is on the same night as the blood moon.? Will Logan’s secret come out? And how will it all affect Olivia and their matebond? Will the matebond blossom, and both find that all-consuming love and passion that every wolf hopes to get?

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