Synopsis: Apocalypse I can Synthesis Anything

Destruction and chaos spread on the once-vibrant Green Star, its surroundings plagued by the incessant noise of impending doom. An ominous darkness, akin to locusts, relentlessly devoured the land.

“Why is this happening? Why?” A few melting figures glared at the impending doom of darkness above.

A colossal shadow cast its veil over the Green Star, declaring an impending cataclysm.

Above, a green pillar of light flickered intermittently, each appearance marking the vanishing of another source of life. Silence draped the star as both light and vitality were snuffed out.

Everything became devoid of life, light, and silence spreading across the whole star along with darkness.

Thousands of light years away, in the vast expanse of deep space, ripples distorted the fabric of the cosmos. A colossal shadow materialized, observing the distant spectacle of a supernova’s explosive demise.

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