Synopsis: Apocalypse – Infinite Plunder

Noah survived for ten years in the apocalypse, only to be reborn back to the beginning.
Obtaining the ‘Infinite Plunder’, whoever he encountered was thoroughly stripped bare, as an evil gateway opened up before him.

“You like hoarding supplies, huh? Bring it on!”

“Your abilities are impressive, hand them over!”

“Your level is quite high, hand it over!”

“Even zombies have skills? Bring it on!”

“The skills of apocalyptic beasts are even more formidable? Bring it on!”

“This mall looks good, let’s just take it away!”

“This plot of land is nice, let’s snatch it while we’re at it!”

In his previous life, he meekly survived nine cycles of the apocalypse, but in this life, he’s going to traverse the apocalypse with an invincible posture, pushing through all obstacles along the way.

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