Synopsis: Arcane Emperor

Traversing Nesserite, Matthew became a minor Lord.
Nurtured a Time Dragonling, developed arcane arts, and modified technology.
Absorbed a population of Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, Gray Elves, Tieflings, and Demonic Offspring among other races, creating a new modernized kingdom with a magical twist.
Destroying the Nesserite Empire was the task!
Annihilating the Elf Kingdom and the Elven God System was the mission!
Eradicating ancient fiends and disasters was Matthew’s cry as he crushed his destiny!
“Brothers and sisters, join the Bay Territory!
“Here, we build houses, take care of children for free, don’t worry about food or clothing, arrange jobs, and provide all the resources needed for life.”
“Even, we can offer the path to godhood…”
“All you need to do is pay a tiny price!”
A slow-unfolding farming story, a new world of dragons and the Underground City, a magic version of the Warhammer Empire, a brand-new version never seen before by everyone.
Also known as “The Rise of the Magical Modified Warrior Legion,” “The Astaate Guide to Magic,” “Me, Plagued by Misfortune, Stealthily Surviving and Growing,” “The Modernization of the Magical World”…

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