Synopsis: Banished With His Heir

“Keira Akari, I, Alpha River Colden, banish you from the White Howlers. I never want to see you again.” The Earth felt like it was swallowing me whole. The ground had opened up and for some reason, it kept dragging me down with it and no matter how hard I tried to hold onto anything to keep me afloat, nothing could save me from drowning. A week ago, I had just found out that my best friend since I was a little girl and a man I came to love deeply, was mated with someone else. On that same day, his mate, our Luna, started to treat me like trash. She would humiliate me, call me awful names, and hurt me physically. I didn’t tell anyone. I couldn’t. I tried to take all the pain until one day, I was kicked out by her and my fellow Pack members I thought were my friends just stood and watched. And the worst part? The absolute sword into my ? Alpha River didn’t do anything to stop her either. I cried until tears could no longer be produced by my body. The heartbreak I felt was so immense that I thought I would just crumble and die at any moment. Little did I know that my whole life was just getting started because I had just found out I was with our child. His child. Alpha River Colden may have broken my whole heart, banished me from our Pack and taken everything away from me in the process, but this one, this child growing in my stomach right now, this he can’t take away from me. I won’t ever let him.

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