Dwight Smith is a man every woman dreams of! Handsome, rich, popular and a hot bachelor. He has everything but his girlfriend still left him for her dreams. His life crumbled just when Alison showed up. He will marry her just to get back with his ex-girlfriend. Unknowingly, Alison has been in love with him since college! When his ex-girlfriend Georgina came back, he immediately divorced Alison to get back with her. It was a painful break – up for Alison that she never expected. Alison left with her broken heart. After five years, Alison came back as someone else’s trophy! Dwight was not pleased that Alison was back and a top-notch woman while he was still the man she left before. He will try to win her back using all kinds of tricks! Will Alison be trapped by his tricks again? Or will she divulge her secret for 5 years?

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