Synopsis: Beasts: Reborn (REVAMPED)

In a world where your shot at fame and fortune depends on the awakening of your latent magical abilities, numbers are everything. Your Class? System? Chosen god? They’re all pieces of a puzzle conveying images of blood and death a thousand ways. But that’s life, ironically enough. And that blood, death, and experience is what comes from the modern heroes sacred duty.

Explore Tangents. Kill monsters. Stop them from terraforming the Earth and everything else they’re attracted to— no matter how bizarre.

Claude knows bizarre well. Living in the forests of New Gloria with his father gives him an upbringing unique from his classmates. In many ways he’s disconnected from the world of heroes. His near photographic memory of famous heroic events and tales of grandeur can’t change that fact. And no matter how many stories he reads, he can’t prepare himself for the truth of the heroes he’s confided in since boyhood and the monsters he’s feared since before then.

As if he needed a more explicit showing, a strange and beautiful age old power is born again within him, twisting his very life into a tumultuous battle-heavy hunt of legend….

Fear twins.

Embrace change.

Prepare for war.

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