Synopsis: Being His Wife

Ariana Delaney, a middle class girl who went about her daily life with little or no excitement to it but all that is about to change when she finds out that she has been arranged to marry into the most famous and absolute richest family in the state and that too to the breadwinner. Damien Kingston, a young business tycoon, a billionaire and a force to reckon with in the cold world of business needs a simp for a wife just to keep up appearances and Ariana seems to fit into the description but he sure is in for a surprise. Follow these two as they weave through their relationship fully aware that they are from two entirely different worlds. Maybe there’ll be a happy ending or maybe not. ~~~ He watched like a hawk, eying her every move hoping to swoop in at the right moment and catch his prey. Her smile, her hair, her innocence and of course, her curves. Those curves could have any man turn in her direction and it sure did. He couldn’t let her go, she couldn’t have been who he thought she was. No, maybe he wasn’t in love with her but he sure knew one thing, she was his and his alone. ~~~ She watched his as his beautiful eyes swallowed her up. This man was beautiful but she couldn’t fit into his world. It was too much for her and she just had to admit it into herself. It was never going to work.

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