Synopsis: Being Loved by My Enemy

Five years ago, Li Susu abandoned Huo Sichen and silently went abroad to study.
Five years later, Huo Sichen left the medical profession and become a businessman. His worth skyrocketed, and he quickly became a new sensation in the business world, amassing a fortune of billions!
When the Li family went bankrupt, he used a contract to make her Mrs. Huo, vowing to make her regret her earlier betrayal!
After their marriage ——
Huo Sichen: “Aren’t you a gold digger? Every day, you must spend all the pocket money I give you, if you don’t, you can’t come home!”
There she was, squatting at the doorstep late in the night, laden with shopping bags, teary-eyed, and too scared to come in.
The black credit card had no limit, she couldn’t spend it all!
Huo Sichen: “Who allowed you to lose weight? From now on, every inch of fat on you is mine, you can only gain weight, not lose it!”
The beauty-conscious Li Susu, due to all sorts of supplements, visibly… well, not exactly bloated, becoming rounder in appearance!
She found herself not only racking her brains on how to spend money every day, but also watching her good figure gradually distort, until she finally —— lost her temper!
“Huo Sichen, can’t you find another way to seek your revenge?”
The man smirked, “Then bear me a son, have ten, and I’ll forgive you.”
Li Susu: “……”
After learning the truth, Huo Sichen chased his wife to the crematorium ——
“Darling, have all my money and me, please reconcile!”
Their children: “Mommy, give daddy another chance!”

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