Synopsis: Beta’s Innocent Mate

Alexander Petridis: I still have not found my mate in the seven years since my first shift. I nearly gave up, but then I left to build alliances and hopefully find her. Little did I know she’d been under my nose all along. When I see her, though, I’m stunned, not just because she’s innocent little Delilah Fayte but because, in my absence, she made a choice I don’t know if I can live with. Delilah Fayte: People have always thought I’m this naïve innocent girl. And okay, maybe I am innocent and all that. After my first shift, I didn’t actively seek my mate. I had other plans. And sure, my family was against it at first, but mate or not, I wanted to help André and Darren. I didn’t think in doing so, I’d alienate my mate and long-time crush, Alexander Petridis. This is the fourth of the Incubi Pack series. You do not need to have read the previous books to enjoy this book, but it is encouraged.

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