Synopsis: Big Data Cultivation

As a graduate with a double degree from a prestigious university, Feng Jun somehow remains unemployed after graduation. He struggles in the city, but he can’t let go of his pride. It’s easy to imagine the difficult situation he finds himself in.
However, everything change after one day—he and his phone are struck by lightning and he suddenly discovers that he can turn into ‘DATA’ and enter the applications in his phone.
What can he do afterwards? Harvest plants in QQ farm? See other people’s hidden photos and posts on WeChat? Become a character in a mobile game? Use your imagination! Wait a minute, change the deposited amount in his mobile banking app? Stop there, that can’t be changed at will!
With absolutely more adventures than the ones listed above, he also realizes that he can even freely enter Eastern cultivation novels.
Let’s follow Feng Jun and embark on a wonderful journey of immortal cultivation!

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