BLURB Lena got back from work one evening and was greeted with the most heartbreaking scene of her life. Her own fiancee who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with was engaging her step sister. Dejectedly and drugged, she left the house and staggered into the wrong room in a club and ended up getting laid by an unknown man. Six years after finding out she was pregnant and leaving the city, she came back but this time around, with two set of identical twins( quadruplet) She started working for the most cold hearted billionaire in the city, Denzel. As fate would have it, she was able to melt his cold heart and they started a relationship. But things took a wrong turn when Lena found out that Denzel was the father of her quadruplet, the same man that took advantage of her drugged state years ago. Now, all she wanted was to keep her babies away from this man. But how will that be possible when the same man she wants to stay away from is the same man her quadruplet grew to love so much? She came back one day only for her kids to rush to her and exclaim; ” Mommy, mommy, we’ve finally found our super rich daddy! “

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