Synopsis: Billionaire’s Accidental Wife

One night, one life-changing decision, and so they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Yet it was nothing but a stupid mistake. She awakens in an unknown suite, naked with a hot stranger in bed with a wedding ring on her fingers. But being confused was nothing compared to the fact that he was Shawn Richmond, the famous CEO-billionaire playboy. To make matters worse, he left her gaping and still naked. However, she didn’t have a plan to see him, but fate wasn’t done with her yet. In London, she saw him in the bar after getting herself drunk when she discovered her fiance was cheating on her and took all their life savings. Then, with sheer luck, Mr. Richmond offered her a job as her secretary in exchange for keeping their accidental marriage secret. How hard could it be? But being married to his boss wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine; it was full of tears, betrayals, heartache, and when her life shifted from boring to running for her life, plus some Russian mobs, treasure hunters, and religious zealots after them for the rumored treasure left by Shawn’s grandfather, their lives spiraled into a mess. Could his love save her? Or broke her even more?

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