Synopsis: Billionaire’s Secret Wife

On the second anniversary of their wedding, Jeremy Whitman suddenly proposed a divorce. Clutching the pregnancy test report, Madeline Crowford asked, Is there no room for negotiation? What if I’m pregnant with your child? His expression was cold. Madeline, I’ve always used protection. Even if there had been an accident, I’d eliminate such a risk.

On the day of his wedding, she had obstructed labor. The car accident had painted the ground crimson. Madeline lay in the pool of blood, protecting her belly with all her strength. I’m begging you, save my child! Word on the street was that Jeremy abandoned his bride and hugged his ex-wife’s cold body for seven days and nights, refusing to bury it. Jeremy had gone insane. Until one day, she passed him by, holding the hands of two adorable children.

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