Synopsis: Billionaire’s Substitute Bride and Her Secret Child

Blackmailed into substituting her step sister on her wedding night, Christine Carter sacrifices her first time to protect her father. Hunter Gray, the groom, is unaware that the one he is ravishing is not his real bride, and he’s oblivious that his exquisite wedding night resulted in a pregnancy. Five years later, Hunter is a divorced man who’s been in a dark place for two years, he happens to fall in love at first sight with Christine during a flight. Christine on the other hand is annoyed that he has the audacity to flirt with her, she only cares for her child. But what will Christine do when she’d find out that she needs to work closely with Hunter? And how will she hide the truth from her genius son? ~~~~~~~~~~ ‘His musky mint flavor intoxicates her senses and soothes her mind. Her body feels like it was fed with something she craved for a long time. “Mommy, daddy, not in front of the kids, go inside!” Ethan protests, pulling at their clothes and that’s the instant she comes to her senses and tries to break the kiss.’ ~~~~~~~~~~ ‘”He is my daddy. How can I not insist? I want my daddy and my mommy together.” “He is not you daddy, sweetie.” She lies, waves of guilt washing over her. “I don’t know why you are lying, mommy, but I can only assume you have your reasons. He is my daddy, I can tell.”’ ~~~~~~~~~~ ‘”I want a big family, mommy!” Her angel cries out, interrupting her train of thought. “Did you and daddy make me a sister on your trip?”’

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