Synopsis: Black Card

Steal the CEO’s Black Card or his cold heart? “Please… Please sir I’m begging you, I didn’t steal the card. Please believe me” Belle hopelessly begged, tears welling her already messy face. “You deserve to be in prison…fraud!” the store manager exclaimed in pure disdain, glaring as he snickered. Belle was an orphan from a young age, struggling for her dream. A dream of becoming a great doctor. A dream she weaved together with her late parents. For several years, a tiny room in a dilapidated building served her humble home, living at the mercy of others. Most of the time she has empty pockets and an empty stomach. She endured the ridicule from wearing worn-out clothes and torn shoes for medical school. Life is a struggle for her but never did she think of stealing, especially the BLACK CARD of the famous and cold CEO, Ethan DelValle.

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