Synopsis: Blessed by Night

In the year 2033 it began.

Gods, monsters, devils, angels every higher creature from every mythology began to bless those they found worthy and share their powers.

Eventually with the emergence of the gates, we realized they were preparing us.

The so called chosen heroes who enter gates are known as the Blessed and in it’s become the most sought after career in the world.

They are the most famous and well known people in the entire world and some are even the leaders of their own nations.

They are immensely powerful, beautiful, and charming beings.

After five whole years, we still have no idea what the higher’s criteria are for blessing a human.

Despite the seemingly loose criteria, only 1 percent of the population actually end up as blessed and gain the privilege of entering gates and defending our world.

With all of the excitement around the Blessed, we seem to have forgotten the most important question.

Why are they doing this for us and what will they require in return?

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