Synopsis: Born in apocalypse

The life where Dhruv had it all – a caring family, loyal friends, and a fulfilling job.
Suddenly his life took an unexpected turn for the worse, and he lost everything in his life.

His family was raped and then murdered, his friends left him, and he found himself in prison for crimes he wouldn’t have even dreamed of committing.

He was falsely accused of stealing from his company and then in the heat of the moment killed all his family members.

He couldn’t even die in peace and was constantly getting bullied and tortured…

But everything changed when the ‘COSMIC EVOLUTION’ arrived on earth, and evolved everyone.

With the arrival of cosmic evolution, he became a few people who were known as chosen ones…

With the immense magical power in his hand, Dhruv began his journey to conquer everything there is to conquer…

Ahhh! And Yes, how can he forget about getting revenge….

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