Synopsis: Broken Bond

“And let me guess, you’re a bad boy type, huh?” Callum grins menacingly, running his tongue over his straight white teeth. “The worst, babe.” ********** VANESSA : I’m a good girl. I don’t get into trouble, I don’t break curfew, and I don’t even date. I broke my own rules for him; the man that so many people fear. I thought I saw a side of him that nobody else did, that he wasn’t the monster people made him out to be. I knew my prayers were answered when I discovered he was my fated mate, and hoped that the two of us would live happily ever after together. I never expected him to leave the next day and break me in unimaginable ways. I never imagined he’d become the villain in my story. ********** BROKEN BOND is a full length paranormal romance novel with darker themes that may be triggering to some readers. While it is connected to the six-pack series universe, it is a standalone novel. The story will end with a HEA, but it may not come about in the way you expect.

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