Synopsis: CEO’s Divorced wife is sexy doctor

“What are you doing? This is an hospital.” I protested, though my body is doing the opposite. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt, “It doesn’t matter doctor.” His lips brushed past my ear, giving me the chills. I am under his command now. “You need to stop…” “Go ahead darling..” He whispered to my ear, “Strip. I’d like my body melting in yours now.” Those words are enough to send me into another dimension. This is an hospital, but I don’t care. His hands are going down my thighs, trying to pull my jeans down. I’m going let him screw me in the hospital… All Damon Montreal needed to do was save his ex wife’s baby which is also his but he refused to help her. She lost the baby thanks to that, but had the chance of getting another one… Bianca was fazed when her husband suddenly stopped loving her and changed towards her. She tried to see why but could not figure it out. He abandoned her even with her pregnancy. He made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her baby. Until she came back a few years later as his father’s doctor. Then, he starts to desire her more than ever especially knowing she has a child for him. They start learning the truth of what happened between them years ago. Bianca is not willing to forgive him, what about a son who brings them together? Will Damon succeed in making her his again? Will he lose the chance just like he did before when an obstacle arrives?

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