Synopsis: Conquest of Taboo and Debauchery

What I’m a Dual Cultivator, such a great news but why do I have the skills and strength of the barbarian from the game that I made to pass time??

The born frail son of a wealthy family who known by the name “Ye Fei” , he has been always the object of protection by his mother, twin sister, aunts, half -sisters, fiancee and his mother-in-law.

But he overcome his weakness by awakening his Dual Cultivation physique and gaining his own game character skills, but now who will burn in his LUST first while living with this many women.

As days past, countless beauties in the city have become his increasing lust targets.
Well no woman will be left out of his claws.

Every beautiful woman is a delicate flower in his eyes, and he will make these delicate flowers his alone. He picked them all around, and then stretched out his powerful wings, so that they would not be hurt a little….

He’ll take back everything that’s belong to him. He’ll take back his Father GANG control from his uncle and cousin. He’ll find out the mastermind behind the plotting of his mother family loses and kill them in the most ruthless manner possible.

Can he control his growing lust while his cousin Ye Yu who got their family gang is plotting for his demise.

This is a story that is never told before nor can anyone told; this is the untold story of conquest of love, taboo and lust above all.

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