Synopsis: Contract Luna

Brooklyn Blakley was classified as an Omega. She endured countless years of torment and abuse from her pack. Even though technically she wasn’t an Omega, she wasn’t able to reveal her true identity. When she was five she became an orphan and was taken in by the Alpha of the Lunar Eclipse pack. He only wanted her as a slave and she had never truly been accepted by the pack. On her eighteenth birthday, she find out that her biggest tormentors were planning to kill her. But when the son of the Alpha, the future Alpha realizes she is his fated mate, he can no longer look at her. He rejects her and then leaves her to die in the woods. Alpha Tatum Gunner had lost his mate three years ago. The elders are forcing him to take a Luna or he will have to step down. There is no one in Black Fang pack he wants to make as his chosen mate. He had no problem bedding the she-wolves in his pack, but there was nothing more he wanted from another female. There is only one girl he has ever loved. When he comes across a she-wolf in the forest, he thinks he has found his answer. He offers her a place in his pack. In exchange he wants her to sign a one year contract to act as his Luna. She has to carry his mark as his mate, but will not claim her. Once the year is up, he will find another pack for her to go. Will his rut

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