Synopsis: Destined Mates

April finally gave up as her glossy eyes filled with tears. Liam had crossed the line by killing their child. There was a limit to insanity, she couldn’t do this anymore. “I, April Davis, reject you Alpha Liam Ross as my mate,” She breathed in deeply as Liam fell to his knees as if he was in agony and heartbreak but she knew better than to believe a man like him. April Davis lost her parents when she was just a child. Alpha Jack, Liam’s father, adopted her. Things were tough for her but she was a kind, innocent, strong-willed girl who saw good in everyone, but her naivety was taken advantage of. She never knew her mate would hurt her to such an extent that she would lose her child. Jason Cortor has only loved one woman his whole life. She was his world. He left his pack for her, just to be close to her. Though she wasn’t even his mate. He was fine to see her happy with her mate, it guts him alive but it was fine until his little angel was happy. One cold night, everything turned upside down. Secrets were revealed and blood was shed. He made a vow that night that he would kill anyone who tries to hurt his little angel ever again. What will happen when destiny plays its role in their life? Would April get the love she deserves or end up becoming a cold heartless woman?

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