Synopsis: Don’t Engage in Netherworld Activities in the Mortal World!

After being disassembled and banished from the Netherworld, I reincarnated from the Lord of the Underworld to a thoroughly ordinary person in the world of the living.
The good news was that I managed to take a part of my original body with me before reincarnating.
The bad news was I didn’t closely examine what I took.

Luckily, the supernatural was making a comeback in this world, and I still had a chance to rise again.
It was time to give the living world a little Netherworld shock!

“You must have misunderstood this BOSS; she is clearly my dear little sister,”
Jiang Lu said indignantly, holding a female ghost that was emitting a strange aura.
[Infinite Streaming] [Original Copy] [Unrivaled Against the Heavens]

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