Synopsis: Dungeon of Pride, Laplace

What came before light? Some would argue that there was nothing, it was empty. Everything started after that light. However, I disagree. Before light there was darkness, it was everpresent eternal and unending—

Who could have expected that his life would suddenly take a drastic turn? Simon as usual was working in his office toiling away the years of his life and spending every single hour of the day in front of his computer when all of a sudden a peculiar phenomenon occurs…

He died… How did he die? Well, that’s a long story or rather a short one; however, what was important was what happened after.
When Simon opened his eyes next, he found himself in an environment different from his usual office table and chair. A marvellous sight lay in front of him, a different world.

What awaited him next was not the beautiful goddess nor a princess waiting for him. It was the cruel life…

Althaea, a world that was beyond his expectation, a world where the strong feed on the weak. Eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. It was unforgiving to those without strength.

Hero? Nahh, he was reincarnated as the demon.
In a world where demons are looked on as the incarnation of desires, the human-demon war raged on across the entire planet.
The Seraphims, protector of humanity, and the Demon lords who rule across all demonkind. Amidst all the chaos, Simon finds himself reincarnated as one of the lowest-ranking Demon Noble.
A demon far off from humanity, a dream unfulfilled in his previous life.
What will happen of Simon? Follow his adventures as he slowly explores the diverse world he finds himself in and the mysteries underlying his reincarnation.

He who takes the moniker of Laplace, will carve his way up and etch his name on the annals of history if he must.

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