Synopsis: Dynasties Online

The year is 2122
Where wealth is owned by a few
With technology and AI
Causing our Jobs to die.

With past protests and a failed coup
Comes compromise anew
With the introduction of UBI
Allows them our allegiance to buy.

As we all start to despair
Decadence prevents social repair
Though one from a powerful bloodline
Created Dynasties Online.

Where players create a dynasty
Allowing those born in modesty
A chance to be called your majesty
Though for some, this was a Travesty.

As we all take part in the constant conflict
Some powerful people thought they were tricked
And later lamented at their initial despise
Failing to stop the game’s rise.

As the unemployed play the game
All with their own aims
While some fight for their own fame
A Kingdom I will claim.

Reginald Coulan, creator and head of House Aurellion in dynasties online.

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