Synopsis: Falling For My Mysterious Wife

Elaina Gainsford had been a married woman for two years, yet the only chances she got to see her husband were the times when he was on TV. Therefore, she divorced him later.
To her surprise, the day after the divorce, he frequently came into her sight. He first asked her to help his girlfriend, and then he claimed to woo her.
“Jalen Halton, do you know who I am?” she asked him.
“Of course. You are the internationally famous Dr. Gainsford, the renowned painter, Damon Dorthea’s last student, the top hacker Elevan, and the founder of a high-end clothing brand. What other identities do you have? Tell me. I’m all ears.” Jalen was so confident. He thought that he already knew everything about Elaina.
“In fact…”
Elaina leaned close to him and whispered in his ear, “I am also your ex-wife.”

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