Synopsis: Fated Rejection – Fated Claim

Elle is raised as an Omega after she is supposedly found as a pup by the Alpha of the Blue Crest pack. Blue Crest Omegas are treated no better than slaves, forced to endure the pack’s whims while taking care of a pack that does not even respect them. She longs for the day that she will meet her mate – that one person who completes her and will love her instead of despising her for no reason at all. The day that should have been her fairytale turned into her nightmare when Blue Crest’s Alpha heir rejects her in front of everyone in order to humiliate her. The truth about Elle is known only by two people. Elle is not just an Omega. She is a descendant of the Moon Goddess who is destined to make her pack the strongest in history. Alpha Kade of the Nightshade pack has yet to find his mate even though he is twenty-four years old. That changes when he visits the Blue Crest pack to discuss an alliance between their packs. He has waited to find his mate and finally has. He also recognizes that she is not just an Omega like Alpha Andrew insists. He finds great amusement in the fact that her ex-mate was such a fool, but he is thankful for it since she was given to him, and he will always praise the Moon Goddess for such a gift. A prophecy, destiny, and supernatural forces are at play as Alpha Kade and Elle are forced to figure it all out before anything happens. Alpha Andrew is not a forgiving man and will stop at nothing to get her back. Can they figure out who their enemies are before it is too late? Can Alpha Kade protect his Luna?

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