Synopsis: Father, Have You Studied Today?

Zhou Qing’s unexpected journey through time didn’t come with any special advantages. To add an intriguing twist, her body’s original owner’s father also experienced a peculiar possession by none other than a dandy nobleman! The new father, Zhou Huaishan, had no inkling about farming or pig-raising, but he certainly excelled in reveling in the pleasures of life, rendering his farmer identity utterly incongruous.
In Qing’s pursuit of the prosperous life that was common for most transmigrated girls, Qing embarked on a rather unconventional path: steering her father toward the realm of scholarship. Their relationship was occasionally heartwarming, akin to that of a father and a daughter, but more often tumultuous, resembling that of a student and a tough instructor. The one thing that held paramount importance for Qing’s future husband was to mentor his prospective father-in-law.

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