Synopsis: Florida Man in Magus World: Unleashing Liberty and Freedom

“When in doubt, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!” – John Helldiver

Felix Ariel, a typical Floridian, found himself transported to a mysterious kingdom in another world. However, a misunderstanding led to Felix accidentally killing the king, resulting in his untimely demise.

Following this tragic event, Felix’s spirit encountered a mysterious being who identified as Felix’s ancestor. This entity claimed that Felix had been cursed by an unknown individual. For Felix’s safety, the ancestor bestowed upon him a system for self-defense.

Upon returning to Earth, Felix realized that he would be transmigrated to the alternate world at noon due to the lingering curse. To prepare for this unexpected transmigration, Felix relied on the system, which required him to gather oil and gold to enhance his abilities.

Thus began Felix’s quest in the other world. With his system, he brought firearms and an ambition to spread liberty… for prosperity and freedom.

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