Synopsis: Football: Start by Replicating Peak Messi’s Attributes

Lin Quan traveled back to 2012 and became the adopted son of Guardiola. Originally a midfielder, he unexpectedly awakened the Ball King System and, by a twist of fate, replicated the attributes of Messi at his peak.

In that year, the two sensational players reached their peaks. Messi scored a record-breaking 91 goals, while Ronaldo scored 63. They almost entirely dominated the football world, with no third person able to compete with them.

However, from that year, the war of the two titans turned into a three-way standoff.

Guardiola: There are rumors that I relied on Lin Quan to win so many championships. Let me clarify, this is not a rumor.

Mourinho: If Guardiola didn’t have Lin, he could never surpass my achievements!

Messi: People say Lin Quan plays like me, but I think this is inaccurate because Lin is more versatile than me.

Ronaldo: I thought my only rival was Messi, but unexpectedly, there’s another, Lin Quan.

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