Synopsis: Forbidden Pupil of the Eyes

The world is abundant with enigmas, leaving us to ponder what the future upholds. Even the most formidable figures remain unaware of the concealed truths scattered throughout this expansive realm.

Xinli, even dying from an incurable illness, transmigrated to an unknown place. Who would have known that the fate of destiny could play like this? He also awakened his Innate Talent after enduring unbearable pain.

[Forbidden Pupil of the Eyes: an innate ability that can help the user to figure out…out of ordinary things, improve reaction time, improve comprehension, enhance skills, and show a panel of oneself and others
Reminder: The panel of other beings that can be viewed is limited to being no more than two realms above your own ]

Xinli has a calm personality. He won’t care about anything that doesn’t concern him, and he is not dumb enough to meddle in someone else’s business. However, if someone angers him, he remembers them until he has given them a thorough beating.

*Reminder: This marks the beginning of my journey as an author with my first novel. I have a unique way of expressing my emotions and thoughts while writing.*

*I kindly request all of you to lend me your support so that I can gradually improve my skills. English is my second language, so there may be some challenges in expressing my thoughts clearly. I kindly ask for your patience and understanding.*

*As the story begins, I will add some tags to clarify the story’s theme.*

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