Synopsis: Galaxy Overlord: I Inherited the Interstellar System

Having his home Interstellar Ark, The Divine Lucia, massacred by a group of Space Orcs. Noah Aldridge were saved by his parents sacrificing themselves. Stranded in the deep space of the galaxy, Noah is in need of a way to keep surviving for the sake of his parents who sacrificed their life just for him. When he was at his lowest, he entered a wormhole that lead him to a shipwreck. Upon scavenging the ship for supplies, Noah gets more than just a necessary supply for survival. He received something that no one has ever had before. A System that was created by the Galaxy Overlord, Damien Lilles.
With that System that he inherited he could upgrade his ship from the lowest of rank to an Interstellar Ark! Noah decided to keep on surviving and help those in need just like him. With the ultimate goal of making an Interstellar Ark himself. A safe place for those who have the same fate as him.

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