Synopsis: Game Of Thrones: House Bracken

I was currently standing in the Great Hall of Stones Edge, the ancient keep of the Brackens. House Bracken is one of the ancient Houses of the Riverlands, alongside the Tullies, Blackwoods, Freys and Mallister. It was currently 296 AC, I had just become 16 years old, being born in 280 AC as Alexander Bracken, heir of the Brackens, 1 year before the rebellion started. Hoster Tully had become bedridden 2 weeks ago, my father had travelled to meet The Dying Lord Hoster Tully at his dead bed, but he had been ambushed by apparently Bandits, however I believed no such thing as he took with him his most loyal and skilled knights, yet he still died against a few bandits, this was a plot. The first suspect would be the Blackwoods, a House whom we have been rivals with for ages. However the Blackwoods, while not honorable, would not attack someone wishing to meet their dying overlord. I could also suspect House Whent, but their Ladies husband is dying and therefore they would not do such a thing. I therefore suspected it to be a plot for any of the House around us, however there were too many and too little evidence to accuse anyone.

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