Synopsis: God Of Trash

Hunter Hendrik never thought his life would derail so abruptly. Death came painfully but not without surprises.

“Choose, mortal. To perish pitifully, or to live gloriously.”

The words he read in just another thrown-away book turned out to be a hidden blessing—The power to break down what others considered worthless and gain unimaginable abilities, wealth, and much more.

Time spent in the world full of Sword Mages, Wizards, Sorcerers, Warlocks, Daoists, Demons, and Evil Gods equaled the time he could spend back in the real world with the same powers and might.

Was this truly a blessing, or was there a hidden price? What will be the toll on this path of ultimate might?

For Hunter, it was no longer a second chance at life but a duty to set things right.

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