Synopsis: Gone Too Long, The CEO Becomes A World-Class Doting Husband

Ten years ago, Lily Rose Wright gave her all to Lucas Thompson. He was her only love and childhood friend. One day, Lucas vanished without a trace. He shattered her heart and left her a part of him. Time passed, and Lily swore to have moved on with her life. Unexpectedly, Lucas returned and spared no means to force her into marrying him. With a marriage certificate, Lucas bound her relentlessly to his side and the son he left behind. Lucas promised to give Lily and their son everything their hearts desired, but will his doting ways mend the deep wounds inflicted by the past? Why did he leave in the first place? If Lily were to find out, would the truth bring them together, or would it tear them apart? “Come back to me, Lily. I’ll give you everything you want,” Lucas offered. “What I want is for you to leave me alone,” Lily coldly said. Lucas chuckled. Then, he firmly replied, “Anything but that.”

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