Synopsis: Greatest Superstar System

Talon Starborn was born into a life of hardship and distress. Growing up in an orphanage, and later having to fend for himself on the streets, he had been exposed to all the misfortunes of life. That was until one day, when something changed the course of his life forever.

[The System has been successfully installed.]
[You possess a slight amount of anxious talent in playing guitar, so the System has come up with an excellent idea as an introductory gift to you: your guitar playing skills have been enhanced to a 21 Expert level!]
[Congratulations, Host! You will become the superstar, the most famous, the biggest, and the greatest in the history of mankind!]

A System appeared, and gave Talon a sliver of hope. From then on, he embarked on a new journey, starting off as a street singer and eventually becoming the most renowned superstar in the world!

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