Synopsis: Heavenly Restriction: Rise of the Strongest Sword God

The strongest man in the world has grown bored of the world.

After becoming the strongest, the world was supposed to entertain him!

But no, the world felt so bland, so soft, so boring.

“Let’s shake things up a bit”.

Orchestrating the battle of the millennium, the strongest man beat the 10 strongest astral warriors in the world to a pulp, doing his best to make it a showpiece before going with a bang.

Yes, the strongest man killed himself.

‘This is the only way to reset this boring world’.

He killed himself after leaving the only inheritance that he could think of to make the world exciting.

Fast-forward 45 years and a boy was born, Ramon Brenden.

He inherited the will of the once strongest man in the world.

“Hehe, I shall become the strongest”.

“I shall create the best crew of astral travelers in the world”.

“The best cook?”

“They’re mine”.

“What’s life without music? The best musician is mine”.

“The best warriors are mine”.

“I shall become the new King of astral travelers!”

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