Synopsis: Her Accidental Billionaire Husband

The Mills Family Series BOOK 1- Her Accidental Billionaire Husband “With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride,” The priest said and I felt my heart skip a beat. The guy came closer to me, with a bright smile. What is he trying to do? he wasn’t supposed to lift the veil or even kiss me, I stared at him in confusion. He held the veil and gently lifted it off my face. His smile was suddenly replaced by a shocked expression, then he asked “Where is Zara?…. Where is my bride?” Rosaline Robinson agrees to marry an old man to save her mum’s company. On the day of her wedding, she accidentally married the wrong person, who turned out to be Frederick Mills, the country’s wealthiest billionaire. How did this happen? Will Frederick accept her as his wife? BOOK 2- Hailey and Victor’s Love Story Hailey, Fredrick Mill’s sister has been in love with Victor, Fredrick’s assistant since the first day she set her eyes on him. But then, Victor never seems to notice. Hailey travels from New York to Sydney, Australia to finally make him notice her. Will she succeed? BOOK 3- THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE MILLS FAMILY Tina Mills, Ryan Mills and their cousin Ethan face various challenges as heirs to the Mills empire. Amidst all these, they get to explore various emotions and find love. But then, emotions can lead you to the wrong person, right?

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