Synopsis: Hiding His Baby: The Alpha’s Rejected Mate

“Listen to me, little rogue. You deserve nothing but my rejection!” Dominic seethed at her, accepting the same reaction from years ago. “One day you will beg me to accept you. Then I will tell you what you deserve.” Athena said in a strong stance while looking directly into his eyes, shocking him. ______’______ ‘ Dominic was the leader of all alpha’s in the north side and he hates rogues with passion. So, when he finds out that his mate was none other than the daughter of the rogue alpha, he ought to reject her without caring for anything. Athena was a mere rogue who was unaware of her past and just after the rejection, she had only one way to protect the valuable secret of her life. Being enslaved by the most abusive alpha. But when the alpha of the pack tries to be the darkness of her life, her heartless mate comes back as the light. Things will turn brutal when fate pulls a string and after years, they are standing in front of each other again. He is going to push her away again and she is determined to accept the rejection this time. But what will happen when fate pulls another string? Will they be successful with their goals? Or they will get lost in the world of secrets, revenge and MATE BOND? Things are definitely not the way they believed it was. But instead of pushing her away like the last time, he is adamant to not let her go away.

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