BOOK 1 She needs money. He needs a wife. The situation is a win-win for Anastasia and Caleb. To save her family, Anastasia signed a contract to marry Caleb for a year. Starting from a contract marriage, will it end up in a real marriage? Amidst the challenges, will they break a rule from the contract to survive in this marriage? or will they end up losing each other? ********************** BOOK 2 To gain freedom from her overprotective parents’ hands, the sunshine Thalia Carter refused to have her internship at her family’s company. In the end, she got accepted into a company she didn’t expect.  As soon as he saw her resume, the grumpy Damon Kane immediately approved her internship. Not because he was fond of her but because he literally hated her surname. He plans to make her life a living hell. Hate filled the office, but what happens if love blooms without their knowing? Despite the 11 years between them, will this office age gap romance be possible for these two? ********************* This book combines Book 1 and Book 2 in the series. Book 2 starts after Chapter 130.

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