Synopsis: His Dark Obsession

Evangeline Rose is an omega with no memories of her past. Orphaned at a young age she was taken in by the Alpha of the Silver Mountain pack. Grateful for her life and all she has; she keeps her wishes and desires a secret. But what happens when she comes of age and her life is destroyed by those that she holds dear? When heart-breaking truths come to light, she is forced into the grasp of a beast; an Alpha Prince known to be ruthless, dangerous, and cruel. A fate she tries to escape but finds herself trapped with no solution in sight. With recurring nightmares that haunt her nights begin to increase, foreshadowing a terrifying truth, Evangeline needs to get to the bottom of whatever it is that is plaguing her life before it catches up to her. A prince of darkness and an omega orphan, they are worlds apart yet destined to collide. When secrets, lies, and a forgotten curse come into play, they are forced to embark upon a journey filled with passion, hatred, and temptation. Mixed in with a forced union, old flames, and manipulation, Evangeline is plunged into a game larger than her. Will she be able to make it through, or will she succumb to those around her?

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